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When I barrel a 308 target rifle I buy a 1:10 twist barrel. I have no idea why the military chose a 1:12 for the 30-06 when they used a 1:10 from 1906 to the 1960's and never had an issue with 150's. The 1:10 will shoot 190's, I shot 200's in the 30-06, and they all shot very well at distance.

I thought 190 SMK's were the greatest bullet at 1000 yards, but an F class champ told me they were no longer considered a winning bullet. What they are shooting right now, FTR Class 308, is the Berger 185. What shooters will use next year, heck if I know.

I have also shot 175 SMK's at 1000 and can't complain.

I shot 168's and they keyholed at 1000. That was the last I did that.
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