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So I took my EMP to the indoor range for the first time two weeks ago. Shared a lane with my husband, who shot first. When he was finished, he turned around to me crying hysterically. I couldn't quite work up the nerve to shoot that day - everything just seemed so intimidating.

So I went back today and fired about 50 rounds (no tears this time!). The EMP was easy to use and felt nice in my hands, although I have nothing to compare it to. I shot very low the whole time, only managing to hit the center of the target 3-4 times. I'm not sure why.

I'll be heading to the range every few weeks for a while, until I feel more comfortable with my gun, then I plan on taking a few classes. A big thank you to those who recommended pax's classes in Washington State - they look like a great option!

Thanks again!
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