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I did buy a SmartReloader inertial puller though. I mean, c'mon, how bad can they screw up a hammer?
Ask RCBS, Lyman, Redding, and just about any other reloading company out there.
They all spent decades selling varied designs that only lasted about 5 years on the market, before the tool's reputation for breaking was so bad that no one would buy one.
Finally, pretty much everyone gave up and went to one of the Quinetics-style pullers, after a single company managed to get it (mostly) right.

Inertial bullet pullers require quite a bit more engineering and testing than most people think. Plus... they're probably the tool most frequently used incorrectly by reloaders, which further contributes to the likelihood of breakage.

There's quite a bit more to it than being 'just a hammer'.

Not to mention.... if you break one of the pullers from a more reputable company, they'll ship a new one right to you.
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