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The "perfect cold weather" revolver? Dunno exactly what I'd consider that to mean. I've carried J-frames to N-frames (and a Redhawk/SBH), regardless of the weather.

I tend to like the 5-shot snubs for their versatility in all weather/carry situations. I shoot them well.
Haha, I guess I didn't spend much time explaining what I meant by that (one short blurb in my 1st post within some parenthesis was it).

During the summer when temp and humidity around here can be pretty ugly, a small J-frame is about all I can conceal. Often, when I'm down in VA or up in PA, I just take the 442 in my pocket. I am 42, I tend more towards "business casual" and don't do the untucked t-shirt much anymore, so my summer gun needs to be small enough to fit in my pocket or conceal well with a tuckable IWB holster (i.e. it needs to be a J-frame or a compact/subcompact semi-auto).

When temperatures cool off so that I can always have a cover garment, more options open up. When that allows a bigger revolver, I'd prefer a larger revolver than a J-frame because the larger and heavier guns (while having weaknesses of their own) address several of the weaknesses of the smaller revolvers. The heavier weight means it is a more controllable gun with faster follow up shots. The heavier weight opens up the possibility of using defense loaded .357mag rounds, an advantage when people are wearing heavy winter clothing. The 3" or 4" barrel instead of a 2" J-frame means a longer sight radius which makes accurate shot placement easier and quicker. A 6 or 7-shot revolver capacity (not only are these 3 Taurus revolvers 7-shot revolvers, so is the 386) is much nicer than 5 shots in the J-frame. If I go with the 44spl options I may still only have 5 shots, but 5 shots of .44spl > 5 shots of .38+P (especially if heavy winter clothing clogs the hollowpoint and it doesn't expand).

So, I'm looking for a revolver with more capability than the small J-frames, that can conceal well under a jacket or winter clothing, but isn't too big or heavy so it is still a reasonable CCW.

I get what you are saying in your post about a few of your guns being on the heavy side for carry. I certainly don't carry my 65LS every time I otherwise can. If I'm going to VA or PA for more than a day or so, I tend to bring something lighter. Definitely if (when) MD goes shall-issue, or when I move to VA (as soon as I can get a job there after I finish my masters) and CCW is a nearly everyday thing, this would not be an everyday carry (probably my Rossi and an auto or two will share that job), but it would be something I'd carry a couple times a week during the fall through early to mid spring months. Actually, the potential weight issues do have the Tracker (under 29oz) and the expensive S&W Nightguards looking pretty good.
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