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Didn't vote in your poll. Obviously, though, you're free to choose from among the Taurus revolver line based upon your individual experience.

The "perfect cold weather" revolver? Dunno exactly what I'd consider that to mean. I've carried J-frames to N-frames (and a Redhawk/SBH), regardless of the weather.

I tend to like the 5-shot snubs for their versatility in all weather/carry situations. I shoot them well.

I also own a 2.25" SP101 DAO, but it sees more range time than carry time (due to weight).

I've idly considered looking for a 3" 101 at some point. I'd like to have the XS front night sight, too, since I have it on my pair of M&P 340's. It's the best sighting system I've ever used on a 5-shot snub (because it's so easy & fast to see under a range of lighting conditions ).

I have a Ruger Service-Six heavy barrel 4" I bought new many years ago, and eventually had it tuned and Magnaported, and then the square butt rounded off. Really nice concealment .357 Magnum revolver. It stays in the safe due to the weight, nowadays.

Ditto a nicely done M66 2 1/2" snub. Nice example of the breed. Enjoyable and accurate snub to shoot out to 75 yds. I'd rather have an alloy or plastic gun of similar size & weight for retirement CCW, though ... unless I could choose one of my assorted J-frames.

After enough years of carrying medium & large framed .357 & .44 Magnum revolvers as off-duty weapons, using both IWB & OWB belt scabbards, I tend to like smaller, or at least lighter, nowadays.

I had a pair of the very early Charter Arms .44 Bulldogs. Never again. Your luck and experience may vary.

The GP series seems nice enough.

I really liked the L-frames (having carried a couple of them in their early days). I always wished I'd thought to pick up a 686-Plus (7-shot) with a short barrel. Now that might have been a nice medium-weight/size short barreled Magnum for CCW chores.

If it were me, I'd stick with the M65 3". Great example of the K-frame Magnum revolver. I see no reason to remove the hammer spur on a K-frame size revolver, but you can certainly suit yourself.

As a longtime revolver owner, shooter & user I can certainly appreciate a good revolver. I'd have carried one of the 8-shot Scandium N-frames as a duty weapon if returning to LE work and allowed to carry a revolver.

If it were me? I'd stick with S&W or Ruger, with Colt being a distant third choice (if you're going to be doing a lot of shooting with Magnum loads, anyway).

Luck to you. Enjoy.
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