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Rimfire calibres to centrefire. Why not?

Perhaps there is a very simple and clear answer to this, but I don't know it as yet. I once asked if people loaded their own rimfire cases and the concensus was that it was too much hassle given the cost of ammo.

However, I have since had another idea pop into my head. I have heard it said that rimfire cartridges are more prone to FTF (relatively speaking) due to sometimes uneven spread of the priming compound and, once used, rimfire cases can't be reused.

So why have ammo companies not introduced centrefire versions of these calibres as I think the cases would be wide enough to cradle a small pistol primer. It would mean that reloading .22LR and .22Mag would become an option...

My only guess is cost of priming a case versus slopping some primer paste at the bottom when the entire cartridges are so cheap, and that there are stacks of firearms already out there with the pin on the edge of the chamber. That or the fact the primer would take up too much space in the case otherwise used for powder.

Is one of these the reason, or are there other considerations?
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