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The mods I'd want (unless the gun already had them):
-Night sights (definite). The Nightguard series already have them, none of the others would and it wouldn't be a cheap mod on a revolver.

-Matte finish (definite). The Tracker and Nightguard series have it already.

-3" barrel (I might consider going without this).

-Bobbed hammer/DAO conversion (probably, but might put it off). I don't trust a bobbed hammer without the gun being converted to DAO. For a CCW handgun, an exposed hammer isn't a deal-breaker, but with the possibility of snagging a cover garment, it is one more thing that can go wrong.

-Boot grips (preferably wood, stag or elk). Probably Ahrends, Spegel, or Eagle Secret Service grips. You lose some recoil control with the smaller grips, but for carry, the lower profile boot grips are much better for concealment. Why wood or bone? Because I like it, there is no reason a carry revolver can't look good just because it is a CCW weapon.
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