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I have had a Remington Steel Shot barrel for over 20 years. I used it on a 2-3/4" 1963 gun receiver for about the first 17 years, then I retired the old girl to clays duty only and bought a "new" 1966 Magnum for waterfowl. My steel barrel was a very early one and I had to enlarge the gas port. Remington said for me to do it because they knew me and trusted me back then. Worked fine ever since - the newer one have the bigger port. Steel was rapidly evolving back then. You can basically shoot whatever you want. Remington makes a flush Steel rated RemChoke, and it works. I haven't shot steel since tungsten arrived, but the barrel works great with anything as long as it is powerful enough - in essence no wimp loads. The geese in Manitoba and more than a few ducks would agree if they could.
Steel isn't dirty. Blue Dot is dirty. I have no issues up to 50 or so rounds and it isn't dirty much by then. I clean any gun after I shoot and I don't shoot that much at a stretch.
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