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Lots of good experience is reflected here:]Lee

Pro 1000 Solutions < No Bashing > - THR (The High Road)

Note also that the Pro-1000 is intended for handgun cartridges. While it can do 223 Remington/5.56 NATO, the vertical clearance to get your hand in there to place bullets is tight.

After using Pro-1000s for a while (having switched from my RCBS single stage) I finally acquired a Lee Classic Turret. I was able to match my throughput from the Pro-1000 and at the end of a loading session I was relaxed. Using the the Pro-1000, I was a nervous wreck. Now, that is MY failing. Monitoring multiple simultaneous operations is not my strongest talent - not while reloading, anyway.

JaguarXK120's advice about the Dillon is valid, though it did not answer your original question. Dillons (and Hornady) progressives are VERY good and (in my opinion) worth saving up for.

But if you change calibers very often and habitually load less than 500 rounds at a sitting, the Lee Classic Turret (not the inferior Lee Deluxe Turret) is well worth a look. It is THE BEST (bar none) 4-station autoindexing turret press in current production.

Thanks for asking our advice.

Lost Sheep

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