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I'm leaning toward the Lyman Twin Turbo. If I can get it sent to someone in the UK, then they can bring it over when they next visit, and save me the shipping costs.

That set up give me the 600 tub that I would use most, but also the 1200 tub in case the situation ever changes and I need more capacity. Otherwise, I'll just settle for the cheaper 600 solo kit...

It seems that the Berry's and TopShot options will be too big for my needs.

Warranty-wise, in the UK, stuff usually comes with 12 months warranty, and EU law actually says that a 2 year warranty is mandatory so strictly speaking the UK should abide to that too. That, at least, makes it a bit less of a gamble!!

If you're concerned about warrenty get the Cabelas #400 tumbler made by Berry's. It made right here in the U.S. except for the motor which no one makes here, and Cabelas gives a lifetime satification quarantee. All for about $50 bucks

Can you beat that!
Yeah, but then I'd also have to factor in the $1500 return air-tickets to a city in the US with a Cabela's store in it...

No lifetime guarantee is worth that!!
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