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I see I am not the only one having problems with the new Lee XR. During my first priming session, one of the the two cheap flimsy tabs broke off and all of the primers fell out.
I did exactly what Slugoo did and secured the lid with 2 rubber bands, one up and down and one left & right. Works good, however I had another problem: When priming, you must hold the entire XR primer at greater than a 45 degree angle so your primers will "step up" into the shell holder. I have to physically verifiy a primer has moved up the first step and into the shelholder. As a result, priming is slow. The old style priming tool did not have the step up and primer feed was 100%.

Lee used to make the best hand primer you could buy. It is unfortunate they "Improved" the thing.

If you have an oldstyle, be sure to hang on to it.
"If something is not broke; dont fix it'' author unknown
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