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With all due respect for the above, get a Redfield scope.

Leupold bought them out and they are very good glass, not as pretty nor some of the features of Leupold, but the Redfield is intended as a hunting scope which is what you need.

3-9 should do you fine (young and good eyes). Something around $200 and rebates leading up into the fall usually. Lifetime warranty on it.

Also, when you set it up, you want to be 2 inches high at 100 yards. That should give you spot on at 200 (or close, have not run an 8mm trajectory).

At 250 you are 2 or 3 inches low.

That means you can do a single aim point and hit so close as to not make any difference in a good shot (likely off a bit due to all the hunting factors of standing shot, out of breath a bit, excitement, animal movement).

That is one beautiful rifle.

Mauser barrels were easy to come by as many made them. Its the easiest gun to put a new barrel on as the head space is simple. Extremely strong action. Do not go overboard on re-loads. There are some weaknesses to the gun and depending on who made it.

You can rely on a standard load being ok. If you can get the receiver details that would be interesting (serial, any stamps and letters or numbers)

A lo of people will do a serial like 1,250XXX or some such. I just list them, not sure who would do what with the full one but if you are leary then the XX or XXX is fine as it gets close enough to know years and such.
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