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Motion detector lighting that covers all sides of the house as well as same for the outbuildings.

This house has single-hung windows in which the lower sections of the window slides up and down. Have taken broom handles , cut them to length and mounted them in the upper portion of the window so the bottom window can't be slid up from the outside.

Rose bush's on treliss's under lower bedroom windows. The rest of the shrubbery kept trimmed. Less hiding spots for prowlers.

On inside of basement entry door, there are chimes hanging that make a lot of racket when door is opened.

There are "baby minder's" in the outbuildings with the monitor's in the bedroom. They work well...ask the coon that got in the garage.

There are other small things done but IMO, you just can't beat a good dog.
There are two here that will alert us to someone outside.

Someone in an earlier post made reference to equipping your house so a possible perp will find an easier target elsewhere. IMO, that's the key to lessening my chances of possibly having an issue and depending on how the house is laid out, those ways may vary. Just takes a little thought about our own setups.

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