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time is your enemy

I have 2 safes and 55 guns, i also have an escalera dolly that can lift 1200 pounds. Here's what i have learned. The most imortant thing is your security system I recommend simpli safe it is wireless with a battery back up. Thats important. If they cut your phone lines to your house it will still work. the monitoring only costs 15 dollars a month. Any safe can be broken into, thats why time is the key. You have to know that your house has been entered so you can take appropriate action. As far as safes are concerned, the 1st rule, BOLT IT TO THE FLOOR!!!!!!, #2. Get one that has outside hinges so you can take the door off and reduce the weight of it by 25%, it will be much more manageable when your moving it. #3 Get a safe that weighs between 400 and 600 pounds and has at least 1 and quarter inch bolts, ideally 1 and half inch bolts. If you have your home burgalrized by inept criminals, neighbors, kids etc you will be ok . but if someone who knows what there doing gets in there they can empty your safe , any safe in 10 or 15 minutes. I won't say on here how but i know how! You need to know as soon as some one gets INTO YOUR HOUSE. Oh yeah, Internet protocol cameras sent directly to a secure web site just as insurance. Good luck and remember VOTE AMERICAN!!!!!
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