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And some more babble....

As stated above and I agree, one powder may work but one (or more) may work better for differing chambering/bullet combinations. You were asking if one powder would work and meter well. Yes, several. As for the long tube powders, I use 4831 (slow burn and long grain) in my .375 H&H. I like the results of the powder (combination with other components) but when I do my powder measure dump from my old Lyman 55, the crunching of the powder grains is unnerving. (I do a powder dump from the measure into the scale pan, then use a trickler to bring the charge up with what I want.)

Varget is touted as being great stuff for .223/5.56 and it does get velocity. BUT, I don't like it. It dumps well, is consistent and give suitable everything except, to me (subjective view) it produces way too much concussion. I shoot for pleasure from my asphalt driveway (hard), just in front of an aluminum car port (I learned not to shoot under that echoing cover on hard asphalt early on) and every load, light or heavy, just rattles my bones. On paper, the burn rate isn't that far from my other powders. One powder and my view.

H4895 is tubular, it doesn't meter as well as 'ball' types. But, I get great velocity/consistencies/accuracy with it in .223/5.56 and .308/7.62 and 30.06. I like it.

748 (H335 or BLC2 and other) are 'ball' powder and 'ball' powder meters like water. I also have read that 748 has a cooler flame temperature. I don't know if thsi is true or how it would be checked or if it is a benefit. I use it in my .223/5.56 and 308/7.62 and from time to time 30.06 loads.

As you can see, there are many powders and for the most part all of them could be used in all loads. Most just don't work well and some would be down right stupid, but they could be used.

Get a book or two and study them. Then see what is available in your area. remember most can be found on-line but that stupid 'HAZMAT' fee can eat you up on small orders. Oh, for the most part, those velocities listed in the loading books will be high. Velocity is a must but function and accuracy follow safety and safety is first.

Enjoy and be safe,

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