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What is you favorite gun 'bit tool set'

Hey all,

I posted something similar to this awhile back. What do you guys feel is the best screwdriver/bit tool set for gun work?

I currently have some cheap Winchester 20pc set I got for like 10 bucks (figured it would be better then normal screwdrivers) but I've still had issues with them marring the screw or in one extreme case they damaged the finish (partially my fault) they were suppose to be flat ground bits but honestly they do look like it to me! I use a small piece of electrical tape on the tips to reduce the marring of the screws if I need to use it. unless I am doing something wrong? Its just the bits I have rarely fit 'snug' top and bottom, usually there is some play.

So my question is what kit has the best PROPERLY shaped bits for these precious gun screws? I noticed weaver has some large kits but when i looked at a 20pc kit from them it look IDENTICAL to mine save for the logos and the case was green...

I remember a suggestion to make my own as great of an idea I thought that was, I am unable at the current time.

So I'd love to hear what you use? I'm not concerned by price as I have guns I have spent far to much on to get ruined by a cheap screwdriver set.
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