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I ran into the same problem with Hornady dies in .223. Broke the decapping pin, bent the zip spindle and broke the expander ball on the 2nd case I ran through. It was a Prvi Partisan .223 match case. No crimped primer. When I got it back from Hornady, bent the zip spindle on a Remington .223 case after about a dozen cases. Managed to bend it back.

The problem is that Hornady apparently makes their zip spindles out of cheap malleable metal. I figured part of the problem might be that a .22 would be thinner and therefore weaker than a .30 or larger. Apparently .30s are also weak. Like the OP, I have a .45-70 die that works fine.

My solution will be to replace the Hornady dies with a 3-die set from Dillon with a solid steel decapping pin.
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