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As to which tumbler to get, Check out the warranty they come with. One that only gives you 90 days probably will have problems early. Get the one that will hold the number of cases you normally plan to clean at one time plus about 20 %. If it holds more than that it might take a little longer to clean. Normally it isn't a big deal. I can't see any reason to get a large unit. Your volume is small compared to what some people here run through their machines every week. Even a tumbler (rotorary drum) for cleaning rocks might work. Put in walnut media and leave it out in the garage so you don't have to hear it over night. I did use that method in the 70's and early 80's. It works. My vib. cleaner will do lots of brass at a time and that is what I need now. I still tend to just load it up before going to bed and let it run in the garage over night. I now use corncob media. It is fine, 20 to 40 thousands of an inch if I'm not mistaken.
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