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So far I've read on this thread I'm OCD for cleaning primer pockets, SS media is needed and tumbling doesn't clean the pockets...all or which are not reflective of my experience.

In reality I'm not OCD but the thought has occured to my wife. My primer pocket DO get cleaner when tumbled (rotary) with walnut. While not as clean as the exterior they still are cleaner than not tumbling. After several reloading sessions they end up very clean and free of any residue. I also use a hand tool on old range brass before tumbling. I don't use SS media or polish to make any of this happen.

The ONLY reason I clean brass is to make every stroke on the press as smooth and consistant as possible. Primers definitly seat smoother. Perhaps reloaders who hammer out rounds as fast as they can don't perceive the difference in pocket cleaning (evidenced by the many U-Tube vids showing guys in a race to make ammo)...but I go slow and can feel it. Tumbling just makes reloading more enjoyable to me. It has nothing to do with accuracy, shine or being "necessary" for me. I didn't clean brass for years and it didn't change the size of hole in the target when I started tumbling either.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Hmmm, I just had a virus alert while typing this. It's happening to me lately on this site.

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