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Working at a gun shop we see more issues with Taurus than anything else, period. Many customers who buy Taurus handguns buy them as a low volume shooter (I've had customers who had carried their handgun for a year and never fired it, only to find out it jammed constantly when they fired it the first time).

The workmanship is poor at best, quality control is non existent (barrels cut too long, guns that won't lock open with an empty magazine, extractor tension too tight, etc) and the overall reliability isn't great. Even saw one that new in box had a crooked cylinder which wouldn't close (would hang on the frame) when rotated in certain positions; there were file marks as though they'd attempted to fix the problem (and failed).

I've had Taurus owners talk about how they've shot a "ton of rounds" without issue only to find out they've fired a total of 300 rounds from a gun. Saying 300 rounds is high volume (without issues) is like calling a new car well built and believing 30,000 miles is high mileage.

Obviously not every Taurus is a lemon; not every Taurus is defective. I can say from about 3 years experience working at a gun store the number of issues related to Taurus and the number of major factory defects is much higher than any other brand I've dealt with.
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