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Just had mine out recently, 240 grain Speer deep curls over 23.5 grains of 296, hasn't fallen apart yet......

The only times I personally know of where they had any issues was....

#1 Friend of my dads, used one for a few years shooting silhouette, lots of heavy loads eventually created timing issues, we are talking somewhere around a 1,000 rounds a month in the summer and 200 to 300 in the winter for about 5 years.
Don't think thats too bad myself....

He sent it back for a once over and a re-blue, uses it for hunting now.

#2 Friend at work trying to make it into a 44 ultra super mondo mag with 300 grain bullets at mach 5, He is an idiot, pushed it too hard and created some timimg issues.

Stick with the 240 grain loads and never look back.
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