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Originally Posted by Skadoosh
Begs the questions from each member: what percentage of Taurus guns that are sold in your store have been returned?
The majority of problems I've seen with the Taurus semi-autos has been the key lock refusing to function, which is easily corrected with a minor cleaning.

We've seen several of the red cocked striker indicators of the older versions fall off. Firearm still functions fine.

I received one mod 85 revolver some years back whose charge holes were too small to accept ammo. Taurus corrected the problem promptly.

Had one auto that dropped the mag with every shot. Sent back to Taurus by the customer.

I have no idea how to calculate the percentage of returns but I'd guess it's infinitesimally small.

With thirty-three percent returns across the board I'd suspect Taurus would have long been out of business, but as we all know, they're thriving.

Maybe it's something in the air where you live Tom.
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