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I'm not worked up in the least.
I accept that individual rounds can vary - sometimes by an extreme amount.
It's no big deal as far as I'm concerned,,for the most part.
I do believe that a revolver, having multiple chambers as opposed to a semi auto only having one chamber, helps to contribute to the issue.

Re: the 9mm vs the .357 - in the guns I mentioned in my initial post - a S&W 2.5" M66 and a Browning Hi Power.

The Speer Gold Dot 125 gr clocks at 1450 fps in .357mag and the 124 gr clocks at 1220 fps in 9mm +P.
In my book, given that w/a 2.5" barrel, the .357 is going to lose some & that the longer barrel of the Hi Power is going to be closer to what Speer claims, that's plenty close enough for me to consider them equal.
Speer lists using a 4" test barrel for both.

There are a lot of people that post here that do get worked up over velocity though. I've read numerous posts where people will believe that 50 to 75 fps difference between one brand and another is a significant amount.
I'm not one of them...

About the ejector,,,,that's on me 100%. I always (incorrectly) refer to the cylinder latch as "the ejector". I try to catch that slip when I post but sometimes it gets by me.
The 66 slid down in my grip during the course of firing 6 shots & somewhere around the third shot the cylinder latch dug into the base of my thumb and tore a chunk out. Firing the last shots w/it digging in deeper and deeper was pretty painful.
I kept at it though since I figured in a real life/death situation I wouldn't have the option of stopping - might as well find that sort of quirk a gun has well in advance right?
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