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me and my mate were up to no good out at his farm and were recruited by his gramps to do some chores and were promised something fun when we were done.

Something fun was a brick of .22 for his rifle and a bag of .38 (or could have been something smaller) and his snubnose revolver without a cylinder, basically the gun he used to put down animals for slaughter

We posted up behind some bailes of hay and gramps used the tractor to lift the bailes at the other wall, swarms of rats came out. Shoot some, collect them and throw them on the manure pile outside. When we ran out of bullets we fetched the jackrussel terrier and he chased the few remaining rats and we hit them with shovels and pitchforks, in my memory it was hundreds but that is probably just nostalgia.

We also got to borrow his shotguns and used to ski around the fields and shot rabbits, spent a couple of nights "guarding the hen house".

We also pulled geese duty, they didn't have a labrador or something to fetch the downed birds so we did. those suckers have tough necks and can bite!

Often accompanied my dad to the range and us kids had our own small little area for .22, airguns and so on.

At some family friend we often went to dinner at we got to shot a small cannon, if I recall correctly we just butchered 12 g shells for the gun powder and the primer (which went on top) loaded with marbles and whatnot,
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