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Well, I now have some concrete models to offer for your approval!!

Please bear in mind that, at present, my likely loads for tumbling, would be something like 100-150 rounds of .44mag, or .38Spl. I may also increase my stock of .308 cases which I am accumulating at the moment, but again I would not expect to ever have more than about 100 of those knocking about at any one time: I just won't be shooting them that much!!

Models I have found that are easy to order are that same Berry's "MFG" (?)tumbler and a TopShot CTI1500 model. These are the only two I've found sold locally and they are well priced as they wouldn't require int'nal shipping.

Otherwise, sourcing from my UK reloading supplier, I'd need to consider the Lyman range of which for price or capacity, I'd choose the Turbo 600, Pro 1200 or the Turbo Twin Pack. Then there is the budget entry with the Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-EZ tumbler.

Any of these would work out a bit more expensive than the TopShot and Berry's because of the shipping from the UK. In some cases quite a bit more (up to an extra €50) but if the volumes of brass or the quality of the brand is worth it, then fine, I'll accept that increase.

So which would you opt for with my small cleaning volumes?
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