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I have similiar Lee 58cal slug with more pointed nose weighing
500gr and about 8 other different slugs I have picked up
on GB and other places. The variety of noses and weights
that all will fit that 12ga sabot we are working on as well as
fitting a 20ga shocup is a real boon to slug loaders.
And some of them fit my 585HE barrels very well
There are whole bunch of molds to make them from .575" to
.590".. And from 320gr to 605gr in Minie style and R.E.A.L style.
I have some that are pointed and 640gr guy made with solid base
for my 585HE. They are heatreated and take any high speed
without leading. Of course leading no problem with 12ga sabots
or 20ga wadcups.Ed
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