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I have installed 4 fake video cameras that all have LED flashing lights. They look very real and even have a wire that enters the mounting plate. I have noticed on 2 occasions people pulling into my driveway, noticing the cameras and promptly leaving. That right there told me that they were up to no good, and the cameras did their job. I also have cut down large bushes that would provide hiding spots for burglars, installed motion lights in certain locations, and have dusk to dawn lights on all of the out buildings so I can see anything that moves in my back yard. I found some fluorescent dusk to dawn lights that only use 17 watts, but provide enough light to easily light up the back yard enough to see any intruders, and it doesn't run up my electric bill. The motion lights come on if anybody approaches the front of the house or the back door. I have made my house and property totally undesirable for burglars so they will just go on to another house. Even an ADT sign and fake cameras will normally make them think twice and costs very little.
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