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How would you deal with a 6 gun limit on guns?

How would you deal with a 6 gun limit on guns?

Over here(Sweden) we have a limit of 6 rifles for hunting, after we pass a hunting course/test yadda yadda. handguns is another matter so'll leave it.

(you can get more guns but abit more paper work)

So we have this 6 gun limit to work from)

What would be your choice of "only" six (long guns) for hunting?

when browsing these forums i sometimes get the impression you all have arsenals worth of guns

Do you feel you CAN accomodate all your hunting with this limit? how would you set it up? calibre/gun type?

I am in the process of building up my arsenal

As it stands
Tikka t3 .308 with a 1,5-2x24 leupold my allaround rifle
remington 1100 birds and trap gun
Husqvarna 12 gauge SbS for more social hunts, rabbit/fox
tikka m70 .222/16 combi, for stalking roedeer or fox a peccar sight
Savage mk11 .22

I feel I lack a another rifle or two, probably one heftier calibre for bear/boar and more flushing kind of hunts, may I could go with a semi or double rifle for that, with a reddot

And to even it out maybe a 223 bolt or some more efficient .22 calibre, can only hunt so much with the .22 now it is more for practise
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