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How would you identify an intruder. Conn shooting
Let's see, first of all, the intruder is inside, not outside. What was present there was as the sister described it, a possible burglar. Basically, the kid was a prowler, was confronted by the father and moved toward the father in an agressive manner with an openly displayed knife..

Everybody worries about shooting the wrong person inside their homes (hence maybe the thread's title, too?) proclaiming things like, "It could be your neighbor or a family member." It could. Neighbors and family members have been known to break in, burgle, rob, rape, and murder. Just because it is a family member or neighbor does not mean it is not a legitimate threat.

I blame the kid who was shot in this case. I feel for the father.
Yep, the father did well, protecting his sister and himself.

I live in rural Texas and protecting your own home is how it is here. Cops arrive just to make reports, later. With that in mind, there's no wonder why our crime rate is extremely low here! My neighbors and I are all armed, are very close and look after each other. Bad guys don't like that.
Naw, crime may be low where you are because you are in a rural location, like it is around the rest of the country. That isn't a special feature to Texas.

I believe in most states wearing a mask to covers one face, if not for costume partys, itself is a felony to conceal of the identity of the person. So that of itself is a crime.
Please cite the laws from more than 2 states where simply wearing a mask that covers one's face is a felony. It may be a misdemeanor in many states and may be part of felony charges during the commission of a crime, but it isn't a felony in most states by itself.
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