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I am beginning to understand that....

....I may be asking an impertinent question.

My question is; What do we call the rounds that we use in .38/.357 revolvers or rifles when we load them ourselves with BP?

Am I asking a question that doesn't really have or doesn't really need an answer?

Go buy .45LC rounds in a gun shop, and you have to read the box to kow what you are getting. Bullet size, cowboy loads, defense rounds.

I bought some bullets at 25.00 per fifty at the gunshow and a guy walked up and asked if they were loaded with BP. The guy selling the ammunition didn't really know. (Sounds crazy...But it is true..He didn't know and he told the guy that.)

I had shot some of these rounds previously, I know that they acted like a light loaded smokeless round. 600 - 650 fps, no smoke, cracked and didn't boom, and moderate recoil. I started to say that but then thought better of it . The guy seemed to be unhappy with the lack of knowledge of the vendor. (really?)

I bought two different boxes of fifty at LGS's. One was from Winchester, the other was from Mexico. The mean MV between the two boxes differed by 200 fps. Both marked Cowboy loads. Both with the same projectile.

This seemed a little odd to me but if this is acceptable then maybe my inquiry is a "fool's errand." Maybe I should just refer to the rounds I load as .38 rounds and if anyone asks more questions, I will tell them the bullet size, the charge, and the muzzle velocity I am getting.

I must admit, it has been a long time since the kid behind the counter at McDonalds asked now much powder I am using in my .45 LCs. ;o)

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