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Wish I had found this forum/thread/issues before I bought mine today. I talked the local gun store owner down from 169$ to 129$ and walked out happy...until I put rounds through it. I "hear" it likes CCI Mini-Mag ammo, though I have yet t try it, I can tell you it doesn't like Federal ( jams, extraction fail, failure to load/jam) nor Winchester Xpress (sp?) (misfire, failure to load/jam). Those cons aside, once it decided to work it was pretty accurate despite heavy trigger pull. I think mine's going in the safe and I'm going to stick with carrying a reliable .25 auto most of the time ( only when I am carrying concealed, I carry a Glock 30 the rest of the time ). I bought the pistol thinking it would be far cheaper to buy ammo for it than the .25, and I felt it was a good deal. The pistol itself is in very good cracks, rust, even the bluing is still good, came with 2 mags and a pocket holster.
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