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Love the pictured and well-described K-22's in this thread. Alas, I have only one, and it's not vintage like the ones everybody loves so dearly -- but it means an awful lot to me. Christmas present from my Mom on the first Christmas after my Dad passed away, and became my first handgun. I was 16 years old when I received it.

She had been considering buying a nicely kept but used Hi-Standard from a fellow at our Sportsman's Club, but he nixed the deal when he found that the pistol had some small problem that needed to be fixed. Instead, she bought a new Model 17-6, built in 1988.

Though mine isn't an older model from the earlier (and finer) days of Smith & Wesson, I believe it might be an interesting model in that it was a transitional period for the Model 17. Mine looks just like all the ones pictured in this thread, though S&W went to a full barrel underlug during this time.

Can someone explain why they would make 17-6 with and without the full barrel underlug? Wouldn't that be a significant change in the revolver, enough so to gain a new dash-number?

Would anyone have an idea of the production numbers of the 17-6 and what percentage had the familiar barrel versus the full underlug barrel?
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