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those crazy RCBS customer svc folks

Soooo I have a 308 rcbs sizer die that developed a scratch that was scoring my brass. I contacted them by email to see how much they would charge to polish it. Polishing is free, just send a check for $5 to cover return shipping and a few examples of the brass. No problem. Stripped the die to just the body itself.

I also sent in a 223 die that I got a case stuck in and ended up ripping the entire head of the brass off in an attempt to remove it. Stuck a note in saying if it appeared unfixable just to sent it back.

Both were x-dies with the special mandrel/decapper assy.

They sent back both dies, polished up and with new mandrel/decapper assy and locking rings.

I am going to email them to confirm that they don't want the extra parts back but having had stuff serviced by them before I already know the answer.

If this is their way of earning my repeated business its working
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