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"Hate to tell you this TimW77 but the AK is not a bolt gun either."

MJ1, you might want to take a course in reading COMPREHENSION...

Then REREAD what I wrote. NOWHERE did I say the AK was either a bolt action or served in WW2.

"...but the AK also did not serve in WW2."

Duh, of course not and that is why I did NOT say it was. That is why it is an AK-47, it was developed/adopted in 1947.

Again, if you actually try to comprehend what was written you will see I was responding to post #105 and QUOTED FROM post #105.

"I carried a milled factory 26 for three months in 1968..."

Not impressed, when you have 1/4 the experience of someone such as Kraigwy then try to tell me your "war stories".

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