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Browning Buckmark 'Standard'- 126,700
(Primarily Remington Thunderbolts or Cylcones, for the first ~18 years.)
Slide and barrel are ever so slightly mushroomed, from slide impact.
I put (if I remember correctly) the 7th recoil buffer (polymer pad) in it, last week.
It's on its 2nd or 3rd recoil guide rod / spring assembly.
I've replaced the under-barrel screw with the newer style hex screw (so much better), and the top strap screws have been replaced about 4 times.
The original (2) magazines are still functioning perfectly; as well as another 6 magazines that were purchased as extras, within 2 years.
The breech face has some pretty good peening from dry-firing (to decock).
All other parts are 100% original.

(So much for a "lint free" rag....)

That Buckmark had a sibling purchased a little while later, a "Target" model (full rail, hooded sights, etc.).
It suffered a broken firing pin between 90k and 105k rounds. I have no idea exactly when it happened, since the barrel didn't come off that pistol very often; which meant the slide didn't come off, either. In addition, it was still functioning flawlessly, even with the firing pin broken completely in two. (The channel in the slide kept everything in alignment. )
That pistol is estimated to have fired in excess of 175k rounds, but we don't have a hard count for it. That poor pistol has changed hands at least 9 times, through the same 5 owners, in the last 10 years. The mixed, undocumented use screwed up the numbers.
It is on only its second recoil guide rod / spring assembly, and its 2nd set of top rail screws.
I believe it's also on only its 3rd recoil buffer (polymer pad).
Its original magazines are also still functioning perfectly.
The rest of the parts are 100% original (to the best of my knowledge).
It's also showing its age and wear, quite a bit more than the Standard model.

Both pistols still function flawlessly on anything you feed them.
The Standard model will even feed and cycle on CCI .22 CB Shorts, if I install an old, well-worn recoil spring.
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