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I've been single since 1975 and vowed never to re-marry. Since I do as I please, I gave the OP some thought. I wouldn't allow a woman or anyone else to dictate what I spend money on. I am a responsible person who has been on his own since the age of 17 and I always cover my bills and necessities.

If I were in your relationship, I'd want a certain amount of money per week for "pocket money". If I spent that money, it was gone. If I was careful and saved a portion of it, that would go in my hobby "stash." When I saved enough, the cash would be mine to spend as I wanted to .

I am retired and live on a very small pension. I give myself $50/week and if I don't spend it, the money goes in my hobby stash. Every Wednesday, I get $50 more. If I choose to spend it later, it's not budget money and I do so with a clear conscience. That money does not cover gas, food or other living essentials. It is just pocket money. Right now, there is about $400 in the "stash."

No one would ever tell me how to spend my money or put a limit on me.

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