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I dated a lady Corrections Officer who worked pretty crazy hours. She would get off work, come over, take a shower and crawl in bed. Several times, she tried to sneak in without waking me and I put a stop to that. I told her that if she was challenged, respond immediately in a loud voice as I was going to open fire! She took it seriously and we had no further problems.

Now, I have Jake, my Toy Fox Terrier who alerts if someone is 50 feet away from the house! The boy has radar ears and misses nothing! I'm certain that Jake would protect me in the event a BG tried to enter and he can tell friend from foe. If Jake barks, I am armed!

I live in rural Texas and protecting your own home is how it is here. Cops arrive just to make reports, later. With that in mind, there's no wonder why our crime rate is extremely low here! My neighbors and I are all armed, are very close and look after each other. Bad guys don't like that.

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