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My newest pistol is this Colt LW Commander in 45ACP that I bought this week. Accurate and eats everything that I feed it! Plus fully loaded it's 11oz. lighter than my Ranger II in 45ACP.

Here's my STI Ranger II in 45ACP that's been my EDC for the last 4 years. It's very accurate, picky about what HP's it will chamber, but 100% reliable with Winchester 230gr Ranger JHP's. I have a bad back and the weight of this all steel gun was giving my back and hip a fit.

Here's a RIA Match 45ACP that is nearly as accurate as my STI. These are great guns for the price. I gave this one to my son-in-law when he retired from the US Army this year with 21.5 years of service. Told him every retiree should have two firearms a 1911 and a decent AR15!!!!! I started him off with the 1911.

A 45 may not expand but it will never be smaller than .45!!
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