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Thanks for the responses. I guess I should have presumed there would be no "magic bullet." A lot to digest. Causing a bit of "analysis paralysis." Might be a good thing so I dont break anything, or myself! I think my next course of action is to get a real reloading book and read, read, read (before I reload anymore bullets).

Thanks for the link to service rifle reloading. All I can say is at least my AR isn't an M-14. From the read it appears they are more finicky..and more prone to slamfires. That scares me! What a surprise that would be! The AR still seems a little more daunting than doing .308 bolt action loads. I'm not in too much of a hurry to get going on that. I need to invest in some gear, and get up to snuff before I commit. Is there any manual that is better than another when it comes to reloading AR rounds? I will be using commercial brass at this point. I don't have the capability to work with the crimped primers yet, and I don't see it as being the first in line of equipment to acquire. It's just an extra step...and requires a brass expense, when I can shoot my own, or once fired commercial brass without the added expense. I will probably end up there at some point if I really get into it.

As far as affordability is concerned...yeah, I know. Initially that was the intent, but I see that I will probably shoot more. If I'm lucky it'll balance out, I guess! If that's the case I still have won! Maybe I should have cited "forgiving" as a criteria for the powder. Being new that would certainly be a concern for safety reasons. It would also be good in that small anomalies might not affect accuracy as much. Still have to read up a lot more on the subject! I am going to research 748 now...and will continue to consider varget. I haven't looked at 748 yet, but like that it is ball powder. Seems like it would be easier to meter. I heard that varget is good, and versatile. I like that. Also think I read it is a little tougher to meter because of being longer extruded powder. That tends to make me shy away a little. Seems like it wouldn't be as easily repeatable given my current gear. I can't say I'm going to be reloading 100's of rounds at a time, but who knows. Shooting an AR might force my hand ! If I do run into that situation, I don't want to "weigh and flick" (I think that was the terminology) every powder drop.

gonna get in there and do some more research....

Thanks for all the posts!
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