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Where I live in WA, and state or federal land that is not a "Park" you can shoot any time you can do so safely. There are restrictions near high usage trails and places like that (near Seattle), but they only make sense.

Out here where I live, I just shoot on my own land, 30m pistol range (covered firing points) and 200m rifle range (no cover) This is even though I am only a couple miles from several hundred thousand acres of National forest/BLM land, and a few thousand acres of state land.

There is a local gun club, $25, that runs compititions evey month. $5 to compete. 300 yard range with club house. They shoot pistol (both .22 and big bore pistol) steel, rifle steel, cowboy action...that kind of stuff.

There is another range about 15 miles north of the club that is owned by state F&W and is free. I've never used it. There is another private range about 15 miles south...also $25 a year, and tehn 15 miles south of that there is a big gun club with all of the fancy compititions (never been there either)
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