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More hollywood accuracy

The other day I caught an episode of "Into the West" on AMC.
(I have it on DVD and highly recommend this mini-series)
Anyway, The episode recreated the raid by the confederates
on a Kansas town I believe. The names escape me but the blood that was shed was horrific.
So here is this rebel hooligan, and he shoots a man but doesn't kill him.
The man is lying face down and props himself up on his arms as the "Reb"
walks up to finish him at point blank range.
He cocks the pistol, aims at the mans back, pulls the trigger, and, nothing!
So now he cocks the weapon and has to assist the cylinders travel as he obviously has a cap hanging up. He aims, pulls the trigger, and, Nothing!
He immediately cocks again, pulls the trigger, boom!, the man, who has been holding himself up all this time, finally falls on his face. I swear, the fact that the dying actor held himself motionless while all this was going on , makes me think that this was a REAL malfunction and the actors simply played it through. Nice to know my dragoon isn't the only C&B that needs a little help now and then.
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