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Conn Trooper!

Yes I read the report, I have also read all of the news, if a business owner walks in on his own property to investigate you in an unmarked car, you would yell at him to get on the ground before you even asked who that person was???? (that probably looked like he just got out of bed)

Come on now, Mr. Creech just came from the house next door...a 70 year old man...and you would just shoot him because he did not lie down on the ground, on his own property,,,how about talking a bit first so you know who you are dealing with.

The lie about Herzil hitting Creech with his baton, is just that, a lie. In the autopsy there were no bruses found on Creech's body from any baton strikes...Creech's weapon was still in his waist band when the medics picked him up...

and you don't think Herzil got a bit carried away when he paniced?

It's amazing how good a story sounds when there are no witnesses, but you...don't you think.
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