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The need for high capacity means I am likely in the wrong place to begin with and did not pay enough attention to my area before I walked into a war zone.
Here's some food for thought...

1. Folks often miss their target when shooting under stress.
2. Aggressive humans often require multiple hits before they cease being a threat.
3. Bad guys often work in pairs and sometimes in even larger packs.
4. You may not be given the chance to reload.

Considering all of that, a 6 shooter just doesn't seem like enough gun in my opinion.

I think about the seceniro having to use a gun and up close and personal, quick, holding the gun, reliabilty, nerves or panic come in to play and for me that means ease of use of a wheel trumps more bullets of a semi.
Just keep the safety off your SR40c and the ease of use is exactly the same as the revolver.....draw, aim, squeeze.
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