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According to an on line source that compaired the original AMT BU and the current High Standard version when Galena industries (ne AMT)went bankrupt, there were still thousands of firearm parts available. High Standard has taken these parts and assembles them. Looking at the old vs new guns its pretty apparent thats whats happening. New owners report that the finish is of a lower standard then the old mirror polish of the old AMT and that the recoil guide rod is not "finished" to keep the spring in place so it rattles....
I admit to having one years ago and it was fairly accurite out to 15 yards or so but that 20 lb trigger pull and waiting days for the trigger travel to be over made me move over to a .40 Glock 27 when they came out. They weigh nearly as much as a full size gun on the belt and forget an ankle holster. Just don't see the reason but to each his (or her) own.

Were it me I would look REAL hard at a Kahr P45 before taking on the possible trouble of a "new" AMT..
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