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I heard a story recently from my mechanic that a good buddy of his is serving prison time because he noticed a daytime break-in, entered slowly, stood at the bottom of the staircase waiting patiently and shot upwards and killed the intruder. Well, according to the courts he should have exited his home and dialed 911. I have to agree.
Have you vetted the story? A lot of these stories get passed around for years and at the end of the chain they don't sound anything like the original drama. They usually begin as "I got pulled over by a policeman" and end up sounding like "your Grandmother had an affair with Batman."

Anywhere in USA, even southern states like Florida that adopted the stand your ground laws. There is VERY specific language that went into legislation when these laws were crafted. You have to really prove without a shred of doubt that you had no way to exit the house safely before discharging your firearm at an intruder. Im telling you, you'd be surprised!
Well, in a word, NO. That's just not true. In Massachusetts that was true years ago. North Carolina was about the last Southern state that had weird Castle Doctrine and even it's been changed. In South Carolina, the Attorney General issued a public statement that people should shoot intruders in their home. In Georgia, our Castle Doctrine has existed for the better part of 100 years. No retreat is necessary.
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