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Mag pickiness common with AR's?

Am I the only one that seems to have a 50/50 track with finding mags that work? My current AR (SA&A AR in 5.56) came with 2 mags, both of the steel mil-surp variety, one locks and works beautifully, the other locks but invariably becomes unseated and falls out after firing just a round or two (it's not a matter of the mag being overloaded, it will even happen if the mag is loaded with even as few as 5 rounds, the mag does not appear to be damaged). I've since bought 2 more mags, a pmag and another steel mil-surp, the pmag will not lock (again, it's not overloaded, it won't lock in even when empty), but the mil-surp locks properly and works well.

Is this common and just part of the game? Or is something wrong with my rifle that needs to be fixed?
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