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Originally Posted by JimPage
I have a nice specimen K22. Serial # indicates made in the early to mid 1930s. It's a nice shooter, has some small rust spots (not unusual for gun that old especially since it was in a drawer untouched for about 20 yrs before I got it). I am still amazed at it's accuracy. Only thing I had to do was have the sear recut. Best single action trigger I have ever felt!

I'd sell it for the right price, maybe. But I'd miss it. On the other hand I'm getting long of tooth and don't want it lost to some smooth talker after I kick the bucket. My family has no interest (hence no knowledge) of guns so they could end up selling it for peanuts, or just turning it in. <shudder>
Jim I'd love to make you an offer on that gun but unfortunately the money's just not there right now. If in 6 or 8 months you would still consider selling it I might be able to make you an offer. I've been lusting after the older S&W guns as of late and this place just keeps making it worse. Seriously though I'm eventually going to have to get a K-22 and would be happy to own an older one when the money's there.

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