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How 'bout some SIG love ...

Snagged this little guy today.

Conceals well ...

I have it's bigger brother ...

And how it sizes up against the Shield ...

I've shot the 239, Shield and XDs and Friday a friend had his 938 at the range and I ran 3 mags through it. I was sold.

The 239 was just too small for my lobster claws.

The Shield, even with the Hogue sleeve, still walked in my palm, making it hard to consistantly get back on target.

The XDs packed a heckuva punch and just took me too long to reaquire the target. Almost like shooting the Shield.

The checkering on the SIG makes it very easy to reaquire and stay on target.

Concealed holster suggestions?

I'm thinking about at the 5 O'Clock and reversed. I do realize I'll be sweeping my body to some degree while unholstering. But that just seems more comfotable to me while sitting.
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