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Begs the questions from each member: what percentage of Taurus guns that are sold in your store have been returned?
I'll chime in: almost a third in our case. Taurus represented the majority of our returns. We returned more of them in a year's time than all other brands combined. In many cases, the guns never even got to the shelf because the problems were readily apparent upon unboxing.

We dropped the entire brand a while back. This is a sampling of the problems we had in one year:
  • A PT-1911 in 9mm, on which the barrel split after ten rounds
  • A Judge on which the grip frame was so badly bent to the left, it was pulling the sideplate loose. It was impossible to open the cylinder. I'm not sure how they test-fired it at the factory.
  • A revolver that arrived with a missing cylinder retaining screw
  • A revolver that arrived with the safety lock (do not use these on Taurus guns!) engaged, but with the lock itself stripped.
  • Revolvers that arrived with obvious timing issues. Mostly 85-series guns.
  • Revolvers that arrived with cylinder gaps so tight the cylinder couldn't rotate without grating against the forcing cone
  • Revolvers that had one or more chambers bored too loose or too tight by huge and noticeable margins. Mostly the 94-series rimfires.

Taurus isn't incapable of making a good gun. When they're right, they're great guns for the money. The problem is, every one is a gamble, and if you're unlucky, turnaround with their customer service can be arduous.

It's not bashing. Bashing would be making judgement without experience. This is simply what I had to deal with.
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