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No, I meant north american Grizzly ....vs Alaskan Brown Bear ....not the Black Bear - 3 very different animals.../ I'm not trying to be a biologist ...but the Grizzly is very different from a typical Brown Bear in Alazka. I've lived and hiked and hunted big game in both Montana and Alaska a lot ...and killed lots of Black Bear...and only one Montana Grizzly ...and never an Alaskan Brown bear....( all with rifles .30-40 Krag or a .30-06 ..)...and while I did carry
a .357 handgun in Montana for protection in the woods / I'd want a .44 mag in Alaska...( fishing, or hunting ).

In my opinion:

Yes, a .357 mag is a decent weapon on a Black Bear (maybe 300 lbs)...

marginal on a Grizzly ( as in Nortwestern Montana - maybe 600 lbs )...

and puny on an Alaskan Brown Bear..( like in Kodiak, AK - where a lot of them are over 1,000 lbs ) where the Alaskan Brown bear are significantly bigger than a typical Northwestern Montana Grizzly...

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